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Hi, I'm Amanda

In 2023, I founded Damngoodthyme with the intentions of sharing the recipes and products that help me in healing my autoimmune disease. As I began to heal I began to accept and become so thankful for the journey I went through to be able to be where I am at today.  This page that once began as a simple journal to document recipes, is now a haven for individuals looking to embark on their own wellness journey.  

After years of struggling, I am now a true believer that living with an autoimmune disease does not mean living a life of restriction. My passion lies in sharing my healing journey and the idea that we live in a beautiful and delicate synergistic relationship with our bodies. Meaning, the more we take care of it and nourish it, the more it will take care of us. 

I invite you to become a part of our growing community, where each recipe, each story, and each shared experience is a step towards a more wholesome life. Let's embark on this journey together, and have a damngoodthyme every step of the way! 

Nutrition - Yoga - Travel - Recipes - Woman's Health - Mindfulness - Running - Mental Health- Gut Health

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Ready to Embark on Your Heaing Journey? 

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