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Guess Who’s Back after a Short Break? (Spoiler: It’s Me!)

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Hey there!

Did you miss me? Because I sure missed you! If you noticed a slight drop in the usual activity around here, well, that’s because I took a little hiatus. But have no fear, I’m back in action, ready to bring you all the juicy content you’ve been craving.

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Last we talked we were kicking off spring with these delicious hummingbird cookies. I hope you gave them a try, they would've been the perfect mothers day treat!

You might be wondering, “Where on earth did you disappear to?” Well... that is a very valid question. While we promised to always have a good thyme together regardless of what life brings, I was going through quite the rough patch. I would like to say that I was out traveling the world and enjoying some delicious food in Italy, however, my last autoimmune flare was not an easiest and let's just say it took a bit more out of me than I thought it would.

What was I up to During my Break?

While I was away, I:

  1. Rested, rested, rested: One thing I've never shared is that I grew up with a mother who never rested- she was like a super woman. Regardless of how tired she was, or even sick there was no priority greater than her family. I look up to my mother in that respect, feeling as though putting myself and health first in situations is selfish. However, I've come to learn that I cannot be there for others, or even here for my DGT community if I do not take care of my own health first. I've learned that without the proper rest, and self care I am almost as useless as a piece of wet paper.

  2. Took a Digital Detox: One thing about becoming a content creator is always feeling like you next to have the next best post. It becomes very easy to become engulfed in TikTok and Instagram seeing what others are posting, trying to get ideas, and even learning from them. Before you know it, you start to lose your own creativity. My brain started to feel like mush, I couldn't even plan out the content that I wanted to push out for the week without getting crippling anxiety. I decided to completely take a break from social media, stopped posting, stopped watching others reels and man did it make a difference.

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3. Discovered my faith: Lastly, and most importantly, I took a dive in my faith and really started seeking God rather than wallowing in my own anxiety. The DGT Community is open to followers of all faiths, this is just my following and what has helped me through my rut. :)

Why the Hiatus?

Life happens, and as I touched on before, I got almost too caught up in the world of content creation and what went from a creative outlet turned into an anxiety provoking job very quickly. Sometimes, we all need a break to recharge our creative batteries, to come back stronger, and more inspired than ever. The hiatus helped me really strengthen what I envision this platform to be, as well as the content I aspire to push out.

What’s Next?

Now that I’m back, here’s what you can expect:

  • More Posts: Yep, the blog is back in full swing. Get ready for a whirlwind of exciting content.

  • Fresh Perspectives: I’ve got some new insights that I can’t wait to dive into.

  • Engagement: I want to hear from YOU! Your comments, your thoughts and what you have been up to!

A Little Teaser

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming up:

  • The ultimate guide to surviving a digital detox (without losing your mind)

  • Recipes so easy, even a cat could follow them (but please, don’t let your cat cook)

  • The power of a five-minute walk (you'd be surprised)

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Let’s Catch Up!

I want to hear what you’ve been up to! Drop a comment below and tell me about the latest happenings in your life!

Let’s reconnect and make this blog the vibrant, engaging space it’s always been.

Thank you for sticking around. Here’s to new beginnings!


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