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Maple Bacon Brussel Sprouts


As someone who was recently diagnosed with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, and has spent the last almost thirty years of my life without any dietary restrictions, you can imagine how hard it is now to suddenly become ill to foods I had been enjoying my whole life. My journey to wellness lead me to create each and every one of these recipes featured on Damngoodthyme.

I certainly am not stopping my journey anytime soon, especially this thanksgiving. Being gluten-free and dairy free now for three years, I was determined to make the best side dishes to enjoy with my family. As part of my five days of Paleo Thanksgiving Series, I created the ultimate Maple Bacon Brussel Sprouts.

This side dish comes together so effortlessly and can even be modified for those following a plant-based diet.

Table of Contents


  • 3 Cups halved Brussel Sprouts

  • 8 Pieces of Low Sodium Bacon

  • 2 Tablespoons Maple Syrup

  • 3 Tablespoons dried cranberries

Brussel Sprouts

Ingredient Substitutions

Bacon: Feel free to leave the bacon out for a plant based dish!

Dried Cranberries: The cranberries can be substituted with some fresh pomegranate seeds!

How to Make the Maple Bacon Brussel Sprouts;

1. Heat a Large Skillet: Heat a large skillet over medium heat.

2. Cut the Bacon: Chop bacon into 1/4 inch pieces, then add to the heated skillet in a single layer.


3. Cook the Bacon: Cook bacon until crispy, once all bacon is cooked, discard all but 1 tablespoon of bacon grease from the pan.

4. Cook the Brussels Sprouts Add brussels sprouts to the reserved bacon grease. Cook for 10 minutes, flipping the brussels sprouts a few times.

Brussel Sprouts

5. Add the Bacon Back: Once the brussels sprouts begin to get crispy, add the bacon back to the pan and lower the heat.

Brussel Sprouts

6. Sweeten and add Cranberries: Add in maple syrup, dried cranberries. Cook for one to two minutes.

7. Serve and Enjoy: Remove from heat and serve!

Brussel Sprouts

Frequently Asked Questions:

What ingredients can I substitute?

Feel free to leave the bacon out to keep the dish plant based! You can also choose to swap the dried cranberries with fresh pomegranate seeds!

How can I make this dish AIP compliant?

This dish is AIP compliant, just be sure that there is no added sugar in the dried cranberries or bacon!

Storage Instructions:

Preparing in advance: Though this dish comes together in just 45 minutes, to get a head start, prep the veggies the day before. To ensure that you are efficiently prepping on Thanksgiving, opt to complete steps 1-6 earlier in the day, and then finish cooking the stuffing in the oven 15-20 minutes before guests arrive.
  1. Refrigeration:

  • If you have leftover Maple Bacon Brussels Sprouts, refrigerate them promptly. Place them in an airtight container or sealable plastic bag.

  1. Separation of Components:

  • If your Maple Bacon Brussels Sprouts include separate components like cooked bacon, consider storing them separately. This prevents the bacon from becoming soggy and losing its crispiness.

  1. Reheat Properly:

  • When reheating, use an oven or stovetop rather than a microwave if possible. This helps to maintain the crispiness of the bacon and the texture of the Brussels sprouts.

  1. Store for Short Duration:

  • Maple Bacon Brussels Sprouts are best enjoyed fresh. Aim to consume them within 2-3 days for optimal flavor and texture.

  1. Freezing (if necessary):

  • While Brussels sprouts can be frozen, the texture may change upon thawing, and bacon may lose some of its crispiness.

  • If you need to freeze them, do so in an airtight container. Reheat in an oven to help restore the texture after thawing.

  1. Avoid Excessive Moisture:

  • Moisture can affect the texture of the Brussels sprouts. Make sure the container is airtight to prevent excess moisture from getting in.

  1. Labeling:

  • If you're storing the Maple Bacon Brussels Sprouts for more than a day, consider labeling the container with the date to keep track of freshness.

  1. Serve Fresh or Reheat:

  • For the best taste and texture, it's recommended to consume Maple Bacon Brussels Sprouts freshly prepared. If reheating, do so gently to avoid overcooking.

  1. Maintain Crispiness:

  • If you find that the bacon loses its crispiness upon refrigeration, you can try refreshing it by placing the Brussels sprouts in a hot oven for a few minutes just before serving.

Always use your judgment when it comes to the freshness and safety of stored food. These guidelines are general recommendations, and specific factors such as individual recipes and variations may affect storage conditions.

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