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damn good thyme (19).png
damn good thyme (19).png

Hi, my name is Amanda, and I am a health and wellness influencer from New Jersey. A few years back, I created damngoodthyme (originally @veggihappy) to share delicious plant based recipes on Instagram.  Soon thereafter I began to develop a host of health problems. After three years of fighting, I've finally put my auto immune disease into remission, and now share my story to bring a sense of hope and inspiration to others. 

Every week I share personal stories, delicious recipes, and feature a variety of products that have helped me on my healing journey. I hope to normalize the idea and inspire others that we do not have to stop enjoying our lives because of physical limitations.

I've laid out some of my most recent work below and am looking forward to having a damngoodthyme working with you! 

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5 pictures and 500 words 


Includes one static post and one story 


Includes one instagram reel 


Includes one tiktok video 





The Damngoodthyme community is growing larger and larger everyday. 

Each week, we send out a newsletter featuring our upcoming blog posts, a featured recipe, as well as a featured product that will help our followers on their health and wellness journey. We note in the newsletter all of our upcoming blog posts as well. These blog posts cover a variety of different topics ranging from fitness to woman's health and even travel but are all related to health and wellness. See how we featured BLK water in our past work for a sample of how we can feature your products in our next post! 

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