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The Anti-Inflammatory protocol is as a temporary dietary shift designed to manage auto immune conditions through nutrition. The diet consists of three phases- the elimination phase, reintroduction phase, and maintenance phase. During the elimination phase individuals will remove grains, dairy, legumes, nightshades, eggs, nuts and seeds from their diet and replace them with nutrient dense foods to heal the body. During the reintroduction phase, individuals will reintroduce one potential trigger food and see how the body responds. 

The AIP diet is not meant to be followed for an extended period of time, but rather should be used as a mechanism to help individuals understand their body better. During this time individuals will see a reduction in inflammation and increase in energy due to the decrease in inflammation. 

Explore all of the delicious recipes you can still consume while on the AIP diet. Craving fries? No problem, try these delicious, crunchy AIP Plantain Fries! Want to still enjoy a taco tuesday with your family? I got you covered with these AIP quesadillas and dairy free nacho cheese. 

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